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Reviews for "--Super Kirby Compilation!--"

Sweet man!!!

Kinda makes me feel like kirby hahahaha!!!

The child in me is alive once again...

Not only did you take some of the best and my favorite songs in the series, you seamlessly combined them into an ULTIMATE MASTERPIECE worthy of a nobel piece prize for remixing (if there is ever one). The songs themselves blend so well together, that even the most music hungry vg fan can get his or her fix by looping this over and over again. Nice job!!! A+ 5/5 10/10, and I shall get my fix immediately.



my favorite part was the ending :D

I really like the way you redid the "level complete* theme

damn, i fucking love kehrbi

ahh, the memories...
nintendo, you really need to bring back kirby in a great new 2D Epic adventure