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Reviews for "River City Ransom: TQFN 2"

Nicely done

I thought it was funny dude you should keep doing this cuz if you dont im gonna kill myself!! ;)

TheGuyWhoShotBambi responds:

Oh uh...best get to it *works faster*

Great stuff

I like the way u took a diffrentiate ur type of fighting with the other RCR movies. I hope you make sum Kunio movies too!

Still Fuggin' Awesome

Awww.Dude. That was great, I was like, whooaa, it was sooo good.
I liked the improvements you made, like making their mouths move and such, and the perfection and synchrosity with the music was flawless.
I always love sprites, their make me nostalgic for my Atari, ahhh....Pong!

PS Again.
All of your base are belong to us!LOL

sweet shit dude

its so asome wait thats what she said lol


This is great! River City Ransom for the Nintendo 8-bit system was the best game ever! Keep up the good work! I really got a kick out of this.