Reviews for "Tremble"

engage ludicrous speed!

=O The best way to describe this song is "full". I've never in my life heard a song that's filled up so much "musical space" without slitting it's wrists in terms of quality. All the sounds were very full and even on the crappy speakers that I'm using right now, I got good sound out.

The song was tense to no end =) In the loud sections, you could feel it just hanging on the edge when it would have simply been too much and thus, annoying. It makes for an excellent effect, mind you.

You seriously have to make movie scores or something =P Movie directors would love your music.


Best song I've heard yet. Very powerful from beginning to end.


I love THe beat


Wow is all i can say. I dont travel that often to the Classical section on NG but this, this is just simply stunning. I cant belive something can sound so beautiful. Major MAJOR props to you. keep up the good work, and i beg you to make more like this!!


overtime for you

an you must have been thru alot to make this music or get it your great for giving us good music