Reviews for "Tremble"


I've been listening to your songs for almost as long as you've been putting them on Newgrounds and I have to admit you've come a long way and the best thing is, you've never lost your heart, a musician should play from their heart and you do that in every song you play. This song has that incredible feel of the epic to it, that's an understatement, I don't think many of the classical artists here can do that (my opinion, I'm allowed to have it!). I don't know how you do it but you're pieces have improved drastically, especially with orchestrals. This one especially is encredible, the improvement, I noted, was when you started using drums =). Bring them out baby and let the thunder! Oh yes, that last bit needed some big bass drums to add to the effect, thunder! Tremble enemies Tremble! Seriously, have you ever heard 10 african Djembe play? they literally shake the building to its foundations, the sound really carries. I'd be scared if an army came against me with 200 battle drums thundering a battle march. Go on give it a go! That's my opinion anyway. Well done. Once again Milkman-Dan.

Warning:im Going to rattle on a bit,sorry

Very Nice.
A classy ball room setting.
But a very serious peice of music.
Maybe good for KH2.
I was think'in of Phantom Of The Opera more but still very nice peice of harmony.
The beat was intriguing as was the chimes.
Still stand by very good do make more.


This is so good i had to listen to it a second time.

weird combination

Its a odd combination of sad and suspenseful music. I liked how i switched from one mood to another throughout the song... great for a movie. The percussion parts fit in nicely and the jungle style drums gave me goosebumps (great touch). The piano was genius. The chords were simple but at the same time just right. The build-up that started from 2:48 to the end was excellent and the ending was good... but i wish it was less of a "BAM IT'S OVER" kind of ending it should settled into it a bit more. To me that's the hardest part of a song: a good ending.

10/10... I was gonna give 9/10 but I've composed a piece and know how hard it is, so you have bonus points :)

One question: what was the tempo? I felt like 140-ish... hard to tell.


MilkMan-Dan responds:

130 mate... 130

Thanks for the review.


if you dont mind can you give me the name of the sotware beecause fl is not the greatest for classical if you could get back to me it would really be apperciated sound great btw