Reviews for "Tremble"

Reminds me of the halo theme...

1) I wish I had your program, and 2) I wish I had your SKIZZILS!! (skills)

Very Nice

agree with the guy below me. This sounds like something you'd hear in desert map area for a game like Final Fantasy or something to that extent.

War Like

This would be a great audio piece for a FPS (first person shooter) game. It kind of reminds me of a game called Battlefield 2142 (makers of Battlefield 2), a map called Suez Canal, with it's loading music. It is "Egypt" like, with the doduk you say..., but it has the drum/orchestra parts like you have in this song. Wonderful!

Good job!

hot damn!

nice. I totally see why you would dance naked with a paintball gun to this. keep up the great work.


Long drawn out introduction. It works well! Beautiful ambient parts. AMAZINGLY MIXED. The string instruments sound like a live orchestra.