Reviews for "Tremble"


amazing, purely amazing, nothing short.
I love the EPIC theme. it gives me goosbumps.
you ended it a little too abruptly though. try slowing it down, than end

holy mofo!

i.... don't know an adjective good enough to describe this! D:
the idea of dancing naked with a paintball gun frightens me.

Im guessing you were aiming for a dark theme.

At least I hope you are because this is all I get from this piece.

The image of some hellborn demon flying from the crust of the earth...Destroying towns...spreading anarchy...killing millions...people fleeing in terror...

Thats what comes to mind with this piece, and the "Duduk" sounds like the brotherhood of Nod style music, I'm guessing that one wasn't you aim =)

Love it

I've been searching for the perfect music for something for a long time now >_< Now that I've found perfection I plan to use it in the intro of a game I'm making. Assuming that's okay of course D:

Seriously awesome peice of music there. Great composition. Is this entirely CGed??? o_O

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Of course you can use it for your game... and yes... entirely CA'd (Computer Audio)

Great one, as usual

Ehm.. about the 5th fun fact, .. ah never mind.. not my business what you do in your free time ^^

Now the serious part.. It sounds much more professional with the new software.. I think it was definitely worth the money.. although your previous (non-lyric)songs gave me a 'Wow-That's-got-to-be-a-Milkman_dan-s ong' feeling :), since it was a bit chaotic, and thus recognizable, at times.. , which I liked,..
But I'm very sure you've now made an important decision in your music composing career..

I have to say.. this song sounds incredible..Am I right when I say you try to make every song a bit epic? :) Well.. you certainly succeeded, in every song...

So when will you start making music for movies, video games, etc..? :)
Just look at what MaestroRages does..I bet you can do the same ^^ (especially with the new software..)

Best of luck!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Your right... I try to achieve "epic" in every song... seriously... Epic should be a genre.

You'd be surprised who I work with these days... and me and maestro are still close as ever, we do alot of the same things.

Thanks for another review from you mate... since you review every piece you deserve a few replies ;).