Reviews for "Tremble"


its good - if a bit crowded.. I think you should branch out a bit, try other things than the haloesque epicness - something calm and peaceful, with harps and choirs and piano and rippling water, see where your other feelings can lead you :)

overall pretty good - from all the reviews you got for this song - its obv. getting more attention than anything I ever did - highest amt. of reviews I have right now is 97 - keep on truckin' dan!

and ya I'm kinda trying to make up for all the years I didnt review your stuff - sowwy..


Very Nice

Epic. I liked it.


I honestly don't know what it is exactly, but I've looked through many of your audio submissions and there is something about your work that I find so amazing.

lovin' it

holy crap, that was probably the best interesting classical piece i've ever heard since beethoven's 5th, nice job dude! 5/5, 10/10, i'm fav'ing this!


during that period when you stoped puting out music i accualy soped going on newgrounds im glad to see you back

words cant describe music of this caliber people try but can only get close 10\10 5\5