Reviews for "Tremble"

Inspired Instant Fave!

Very nice. I listen here alot. I felt i would activate my account to give this a 10/10. My first post ever ;)

I enjoy the complexity and depth. I don't find this to be crowded and it's not as empty in composure as a lot of submissions are. Well done.

I listen to this at work, at home, and it has become a regular part of most of my playlists. Truly a breath of fresh air.

I look forward to your future work.

My Kinda Track!

Yeh this is great.....I like that you have a piano cameo in every piece of yours, i think thats a great hook......Your builds are great and percs too...Nice progression as well..

that song was awsome!!!

great song!!!!

Great, just great!

This is good and well composed.
Keep goin with this!

9/10 I expected it to be a little bit more epic and power giving
but GREAT!


but not the best i've heard from you
reminds me of old 50's horror movies
nice job