Reviews for "Tremble"

In tha.....

I have no words here...for the exception that you are truly an artist not to mention an artist that has an inmense versatility, keep the good work and you will reach quite far, loved it and hope to hear this isn't your last epical peace loved it!!! really loved!! And yeah it did made me tremble, such is the meaning of the title!!!


if you dont mind can you give me the name of the sotware beecause fl is not the greatest for classical if you could get back to me it would really be apperciated sound great btw


the first piece i ever heard by you is called "when i wake" and that was a few months ago. i went on newgrounds today, obviously, and listened to one of the songs that was playing and it reminded me for some reason of "when i wake"
so i just haaddd to check it out, and the auther, and figured out it was actually you.
and seriously, just as everyone else has said, this is quite an impressive piece. my computer right now isnt working very well, so ill be getting a new one soon and the first thing that im goin to do is download this because this is just incredible. absoltely stunning

holy ufckin isht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is like lord of the rings stature. dude. i don't normally like this music, but you have made me a fan. 5/5 10/10 and favorite artist. amazing build-up. well put together.

One of the best

You are one of the bests on Newgrounds, no doubt about it. Maybe the best, I do not know. And this song is so magnificient, it takes all out of me when I listen it. I've made an account just so I could review it. Everything sounds perfect. But it is a shame that your music ain't 1st in classical. when I listen to the top list it is always the same, always piano solos with the same sounding melody while you're doing a perfect orchestral piece. Yes there are good solos of piano, but a total orchestra is way more difficult and prestigious. I prefer by far listenning to your music than theirs. Well, sorry, I've moved from the main subject. 10/10, 5/5, and fav'd, author and song.
Very very great song, I love it.