Reviews for "Tremble"


insanely epic.

thats all i can say to describe this.


I can't even describe how beautiful this is. It sounds like it came straight out of a movie score. You have some serious talent, and I hope you continue to make music as wonderful as this.

Full of Power!

Simply amazing!! Your music is definitely worth listening to!! Good job my friend

Simply Amazing

Listening to this piece freed me from all the troubles in life, it all fell away to your onslaught of creative genius, at least for awhile. More would be greatly appreciated.


Running around naked with your paintball gun to this song gives me another hint why your dog might not like this so much. I said this once in a reivew to someone and it was you know somethings good when you just have trouble explaining how badass it really is, or something like that. I love everything about this.