Reviews for "Tremble"


This is one of your best works yet.....
i love the subtle crescendo, the strange Duduk, and the ups and downs of the music...
5/5 and 10/10 Masterfully done!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Best piece yet?... hmm, maybe... just maybe. We'll have to see how everyone else likes it. But I'm glad you enjoyed it, thats a good start.

Thanks for the review and the vote :).

my speakers :{

i think they blew out...
i was gonna say, perhaps it shouldn't be so loud, but then i realized i had complete control of the volume...

i think i missed the Duduk, kinda unhappy about that too.
interesting tester piece, not ur usual style, but somewhat refreshing
good luck and enjoy your new program(which it seems u r well on ur way with already)

MilkMan-Dan responds:

haha... yes turn down your volume, I've tested this piece on a number of speakers and the levels seem to work out fine. The duduk comes in around 1:40 and carries on through the soft part of the song. Believe it or not this piece is actually more my style than you'd think, everything else I've written of late has been more experimental... this came more naturally than those pieces.

Thanks for the review mate.

Great as always

I'm glad the new software is working out for you. It really shows in the quality of this piece. I absolutely love the variety of instruments. I envy your talent, my friend.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Wait till I get my bagpipes going.

Thanks for the review mate.