Reviews for "Tremble"


I've been listening to your songs for almost as long as you've been putting them on Newgrounds and I have to admit you've come a long way and the best thing is, you've never lost your heart, a musician should play from their heart and you do that in every song you play. This song has that incredible feel of the epic to it, that's an understatement, I don't think many of the classical artists here can do that (my opinion, I'm allowed to have it!). I don't know how you do it but you're pieces have improved drastically, especially with orchestrals. This one especially is encredible, the improvement, I noted, was when you started using drums =). Bring them out baby and let the thunder! Oh yes, that last bit needed some big bass drums to add to the effect, thunder! Tremble enemies Tremble! Seriously, have you ever heard 10 african Djembe play? they literally shake the building to its foundations, the sound really carries. I'd be scared if an army came against me with 200 battle drums thundering a battle march. Go on give it a go! That's my opinion anyway. Well done. Once again Milkman-Dan.


The progressions were very eerie and cool and the drums mixed in very nicely. The high point was kind of repetitive and uninteresting but the other parts were very outstanding.


This piece was fun to listen to and sounded great. Nice suspenseful progressions, a good basic action-buildup piece. The Duduk was awesome, added a whole new layer of atmosphere to the piece which gave it a unique flair.

So, this is new software? Sounds good, which software specifically is it?

Production-wise, all the levels sound good, things mesh together nicely, but the overall/master level of the volume is horrendous! Constant clipping throughout the song. Reading the mixer on my wave output, the levels were in the red 75% of the time (during all the "heavier" parts which are the majority of the track)! The song's volume needs to be lowered a lot, then limited or compressed so it will still be as loud and strong as you want it without distortion constantly fuzzing in my ears and detracting from the quality of the song!

Anyway, great track, looking forward to more. Keep it up! And I have no problems hearing piano on every track, or Duduk for that matter - love'em both!


For a long time, I've always felt your songs lacked the loud, full sound and feel that many of your counterparts' songs had. Though moving, I could never pop a song in of yours and truly feel... epic.

I should probably re-listen to your music.

This was incredible. From the piano to the Duduk (thanks for writing that out in your "Fun Facts" -- if you hadn't, I would've had no idea what it was), this song had every ounce of "epic" drained into it, and I loved it.

The softer parts (especially where the Duduk took center stage) were amazing -- simply because there was such a huge build-up gathering for the larger parts. And the larger parts never missed their target -- everytime was spot on.

My only problems with the piece are minor things of preference that I'll list here for fairness's sake.
- I think the song would have been best left unresolved -- though I enjoyed your ending, I think for this case, leaving us on the edge of our seats would have been the better option. Then again, I like the idea of suspense in a song, so this should do the trick for most.
- The very beginning (where you introduced the background) was a bit weak in comparison to the rest of the song, but if you're going to have a weak section, put it at the start -- by the end, nobody will remember it because it's so awesome.

The catchy phrase after the "weak" intro portion was outstanding -- and I can't say enough about the Duduk. To say "haunting" is putting it lightly -- it gets at you.

This is music at its finest -- and that's one outstanding keyboard you have.


This song is awesome. I downloaded it and gave it it's own playlist xD But anyways, I really like how the song gets around the 50 second mark. And it just gets better and better from there. Keep up the nice work!