Reviews for "Tremble"

Best of your stuff

I really like this one. The more it carried on the more interesting it got, so I was hooked. Instruments were chosen very well, and I sure didn't mind the piano.

Very Professional.

Warning:im Going to rattle on a bit,sorry

Very Nice.
A classy ball room setting.
But a very serious peice of music.
Maybe good for KH2.
I was think'in of Phantom Of The Opera more but still very nice peice of harmony.
The beat was intriguing as was the chimes.
Still stand by very good do make more.


10 10 10 10 10. Absolutley amazing. Incredibly haunting. Dude you brought a tear to my eye.


I really like this.

But is this your version of a real song? I sure i've heard it before.


id have 2 say this wouldve been a great song for kingdom hearts 2 even though its kinda old now but still sweetness XD