Reviews for "Tremble"

pure classical pwnge!

THE best classicle peice ive heard!! i LoooovE the ending and that 'Dukduk' thing you said about really worked i want MOOOOORRREEE!!!!plz. :~D


You rock and your dog has no taste for music.

I like it a lot, no really, a lot, i love the layers in it, ive always appreciated a good 10 layered song, heh heh.

Very soothing yet mysteriously enchanting. Never stop my friend.


It Fits Myst

The middle of the song reminds me of the Myst series. Thank you for that bit of nostalgia.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Congratulations on finding the inspiration to this piece. One of the main reasons you relate it to Myst is because they use a Duduk often in their themes. Crazy huh. I love the myst music... absolutley love it.

Love it!

I can't stop listening to it
Well done!

Best of your stuff

I really like this one. The more it carried on the more interesting it got, so I was hooked. Instruments were chosen very well, and I sure didn't mind the piano.

Very Professional.