Reviews for "Tremble"


Simply amazing, my good sir.


pretty good

very epic sounding....you know...EPIC...like great battle aftermath sound.


magnifico trabajo,. lo bueno es que te divtiste, y talvez por eso, ese baile desnudo esas pepsis, esque saluio tan misteriosa, penetrante y pues buena, :D

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Gracias seƱorita

Its so cool :D

Yup, this is a good piece.I can hear all the intruments and there doesn't seem to be an imbalance in sound.Your pretty good at this I must say.I never seen a duduk before though.Well that's all.Oh and congrats on making it on the Weekly Best.

loved it

This is GREAT! Very mysterious and foreboding. I sounds like something from a horror film. Keep it up and never take out piano in your songs!