Reviews for "Tremble"


This makes me wanna play Mu Online ;D...

lol nice song

5/5 10/10 very nice song and lol bout the dead boddies and standing on a mound of bloody friends n stuff lol.. what.. the.. hell... nice instruments many beats, very well done!

really liked it

very epic I thought, haunting even. Keep up the good work man!

Crap-ity Craper-son

Dude this makes me want to srip myself get warpaint on me grab a sword and a gun then march into a battle feild and kill my foes. In the END I stand on a mound of bodys friends and foes and blood drenched.A_ A :D

MilkMan-Dan responds:


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kewl

it also makes me want walk away from a battle feild alone with the carnage of the battle behind me with me as the sole survivor ,blood soaked dude, blood soaked lol its ammazing

MilkMan-Dan responds: