Reviews for "Sonic Pacman 2"


w00t, this one was even better then the last sonic pacman, you made.

good game

Pretty good Sonic version of the classic Pacman game. More like a Knuckles Pacman, since we don't get to play Sonic.

Yeah, not bad -. funny game.

Nice twist between Pacman and Sonic - I like it - make more of this.


That was a cool twist with the mix between sonic and pacman, the only complaint I have is that when you eat the power pills there ghost's dont blink and dont show any sign of changing back to normal.


It was ok. Despite all of pacman clones out there I enjoyed this. I think it was something about the spinning animation of knuckles. However, I found the robots' animations a little confusing as to whether they are "eatable" or not.