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Reviews for "Sonic Pacman 2"

this game was sweeet! a lot better than the first!

this game was sweeet! it was a lot better than the first one, and i had a good laugh!

A well-done version

I'm not normally a fan of Pac-Man, or Sonic for that matter. This, however, was fun, and very well done. The animation is smooth, the sound is classic, and it controls better than some I've played. All in all, quite good.

cool again but

very cool.
but you cant tell when the robots are on or off if you get ehat i mean. you dontr know when you can eat them or not.

Same old crap.

Same thing as the origional pacman but with robots for the ghosts, and knukles instead of pacman. BORING!

wasnt great

plain old pac man with nuckles NOT SONIC. sound was same game was same. u should make a modernised version with goals and stuff. graphics were good though. ure a good game maker keep it up