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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

it was ok.

Hey, good job with all the animation, the only part I really don't like is the fact that you had to have Sephiroth killed...awww damn, thats not good at all. But Overall, good job!


i think you did a fairly good job in all but i dont like how you portrayed the characters for instance sephiroth would never lower himself by merging with something and thus sharing his power.

overall it was ok...

It was alright

Some of the fighting parts were ok but it felt like I have seen it all before


It was nice, but it could have been better u.u;;;

Brilliant original idea...

I don't really like Zelda but I love Final Fantasy, particularly VII and VIII. It would have been better if Cloud won. Or Squall jumped in, killed Link and Cloud, then disemboweled that Sephiroth/Ganon thing and it said "Squall Wins!". Fuck that bitch Paine in FFX-2 for stealing Squall's style. But that's not the point though. It was a cool idea executed perfectly, even though it had a neutral ending, and it used music from The Matrix (that's been used 100000000000 times in flash).