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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

Nice story but could have been longer

Well u had a good idea and it started of good with how met each other. The fight seen good have been a little better but it was good and the omnislash move was a little corny in the way how cloud always saves the day. Besides that good JOB!!!!

nice but i could have been longer

hey like i said it could have been longer but this thinh rocked but i have heard the music when link and cloud started fighting I have heard that before but I can't remember where so well i like it but limit break and then boom he's dead there could have been a link and cloud move that you may have made up like maybe link could have shot a light arrow and cloud could have made it like super strong and then while gaseroth was recovering could could have done limit break and link could have used the triforce to finish him off

I really liked this submission

I liked this entry it was original if it could have been longer and a bit more flushed out then i would really love this. Keep up the good work and please do continue the heroic rage series!

You need 2 play more of theese games.

You obviously didnt no what u were talking about. Sephiroth wouldnt b willing 2 fuse and cloud could barley kill sephiroth much less ganondorf and sephiroth fused. Plus link isnt the general of hyrules armys u retard hes the hero of time and after ocarina of time he didnt even come back 2 hyrule and he would just throw his sword at the guy he would probably use a light arrow since thats ganandorfs weakness. Do more reaserch next time dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!


it was alright but if link couldnt kill that thing then theres no way mcloud could