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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"


Not so nice graphics, but it got the point across. I liked Sephiroth and Ganon working together.


its a rare thing to not see yet another link fanboy making him beat cloud, i think cloud would wupp link personally, but at least you made the fight interesting by giving them opposite swords for a while, i dont know anything about ganon but i think sephiroth could have killed them both lol, still good job

When worlds collide, the result can be shocking!

I really like this - but I wonder who would really win if they fought agenst each other without being tricked?

not bad m8

not bad at all have a cigar

make a sequel?

i liked this one alot :D mabye u could make a sequel tho this is a little old i no ur still making the heroic rage series so mabye u could make a sequel to this 2? i think that would kick ass :P