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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"


dude this may be the worst video you had yet! when i read the title i thought it was going to be kick ass but you let me down BIG time. this is the sadest atempt of someone trying to animate cloud and for that matter trying to make a kick ass video with kick ass characters. you literaly made me hate legend of zelda and that doesnt even describe my hate towards this video.


alot of crossover films like this are stupid because the various people fight on different levels of strength but this was beuatifully done i have got to tell you that you did a great job

its cool but...

the grafics could hace been way better.you could have a awsome story but it you dont have the grafics to go with it then its not ganna be so good.it was pretty cool though


Horrible, i hate it. It ruines both series for me


I didn't see Link die instantly. I saw him kick Cloud in the face and tank two kamehameha beams. Excellent job. So far, I've only seen your animating skills improve. I'll be sure to watch the rest of your movies!