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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"


...I've watched your later stuff. My opinion? This is a piece of your history. I give it a 7, not because of the quality or any of that other crap. I think it was an awesome idea. Personally? I'd be amazed by it if you redid it with your newer concepts. Leave the ideas there, but research the games a little more...Knights of the Round was a KILLER move against Sephiroth. Just my opinion though. Good on ya man. Keep up the good work.

Er...I don't know.

A little short, but okay, You should make a second version and make it a little bit longer, okay?


What the hell is this????
This is the worst video I have ever seen
God put some effort into


What people don't realise was that this was made about 5 years ago, check out the latest Zelda anime that he done and compare the difference.

Dude, really?

I just finished watching your Zelda Heroic Rage series, which was relatively good, and then I saw this and wondered what it might be like.

Then all these overused cliched titles flew across the screen like Neo Ganon, Neo Sephiroth, and... Alpha-Omega Omnislash... It killed it. And not the movie, the concept.

It's not even that it's not believable. Hell, it's not that it seems thrown together. It's just dumb.

I'm sorry, I don't really mean to be rude, but what the hell man?

For something like this to ever work, you need to make the art good enough where the story doesn't matter, or spend enough time to make a plot that isn't laughable.

I do like your other work, believe it or not.