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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

Amazing Concept, only i wish it was more thorough

I've been waiting for this day for so long. but the fight between Cloud and link was extremely short. and then they didn't even match up at full power, such as cloud didn't use the power of the triforce nor did cloud use any materia. oh yeah lol, how come link just chucked his sword at the ugly sephiroth ganon love child thing, and cloud used omnislash. and to salat, Link could fight sephiroth if he was Fierce Deity mode on him, and he could use the buster sword pretty easily considering he has golden gauntlets that can pick up over 1 ton boulder.

few things

one there are only 3 people who can actually use the buster sword, cloud,zack,and angeal. two Sephiroth would pwn link any time anywhere!!!

it was amazing

i loved the battle, and the omni slash, tw im playing final fantasy seven, i didnt get the omni slash yet...the movie was awesome-sauce. gotta tell you honestly i was rooting for cloud, hes got materia while links got the triforce, hmm...it would be aesome if they worked together......that gives ideas doesn't it?


link pwns cloud x10 lol triforce rules all
endin sucked

good tho good triumphs over all XD


That was pretty good,not great animation but the fight and story was pretty entertaining.