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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

Limit Break

that limit break was crazy

Dam dude that blew

wow I haven't seen a worse cartoon on NG yet this had so bad grapgics you completely trashed this idea the only good idea you had in this was the combination of Ganon and Speh.


So much potential, wasted. The flash isn't bad just not what it could have been. The link - cloud fight was okay, but the Gannon/Sephiroth was just stupid okay. Better luck next time.

= /

This....sucked. Yeah, that qux_max guy on page 3 of the reviews....what he said. Your animation completely sucked, and so did the character design for that Ganon/Speh. thingy.... I think everyone likes this because they're either newbies to NG or screaming die-hard Link/Cloud fanboys/girls.... However it was pretty freakin' hilarious to see how bad someone could fuck up this great concept. ^_^ Have a nice day.



i liked how ganon's tusks grew back for a frame or 2 after link had cut them off :) oh and i liked it