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Reviews for "Link Vs. Cloud"

It was pretty cool. I liked the zelda heroic rage

I think that instead of this being a separate movie, I think it should be in the heroic rage series. It's not bad though.


Ok, here is a revew that probally has been mentioned before.

1. the planet of final fantasy has never been earth.

2. link cant talk

3. WAY too stiff arms

4. they shook hands with their LEFT hands?

5. link said clouds sourd was really huge and heavy, but then he picked it up with one hand

6. good concept, just, you know, listen to the reveiws and make a remake of it.

7. alpha omega omni slash??? Dude, so its a "first last all slash"?
Listen, while alpha omega omni *whatever* sounds cool, if ya know what it means, like any SMART person would, you would keep away from using it, and stick with just alpha omni slash, or omega omni slash, or mabey just omni slash!

8. ganon is too much of a egotistical, maniacial jerkwad to team up with anyone but his weak henchmen (seriously, in windwaker i can kill like 50000 white darknuts and barely take any damage!), and sephiroth thinks some space parasite is his mom (thats good old sephy for ya!) and wouldnt take help from anyone but her.

9. the sword switchin part was cool.

10. enter something here

Nice ,but room for improvement

this is very good but i dont have sound so yeah i just wanted to see them in a random location without the whole ganon/sephie
thang but all in all a good flash The graphics lacked alot though

Yuck, the graphics suck-ass

Why would you call it "Link vs. Cloud" if they don't even fight their all. the only reason i gave it a okay score is because I love FF and LoZ.


... i dont agree with the other reviwer i actualy thought it was mint but there u go everyone has diffrent opinions!

words of advise u know when cloud was using his special attack he was just wobbling about u should maybe consider putting blood spills and spurtz coming from him

appart from that it was great!