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Reviews for "Another shopping day (part 2)"

The woman that showed up did the right thing and not stick around them, it would become a threesome

Dont cross the streams,

Adorable ladies masterful artwork.

S-s-s-s- s-s-s-so-so
not since the teacher saw Nessie getting stroked by Alison in the classroom,
have i been knocked out by such lewdness in public! Frottage of this caliber, is practically almighty!!!!!! and as i'm about to hit submit, i wonder, how many loads do they have left...

wait a minute. wanna note two things- (sees how they climax together)... three things.
1) Nat has best climax face!
2) They cross came together! that was hot!
3) most important of all, or maybe i'm missing something. still learning about this lewd universe as i see more. Natasha, wasn't in trance mode. how long have they all been apart from each other? have they trained themselves or something!? Nat was talking as if she managed to subdue her trance mode, noticing the girl, getting a little surprised, but still said she didn't care! how'd she do that!

Also frottage is usually hit or miss for me. but this position. like this.
This is legendary! Thank you Lewdua <3

Lewdua responds:

Hello, thank you for your lovely comments ^^

I've made a story months ago, where Alison find a way to reduce Natasha's problem applying a lotion, chekc out my website if you want :p