Reviews for "Livin' A Life Of Pain(RE)"


Someone could make a 2Pac type hit one this......

I 'll rip this....

anyways wats going on with Reven ....your not the first to hint that he's going thru things

Lil-Saynt responds:

Thanks bruh. Reven goin thru some serious shit right now. I really cant say cuz idk if he wants me to. I rather let him tell you if ya curious, but he's back to square one as far as music :( so me and 187 tryin to hold the fort for him til he gets back on his feet!

Appreciate it man!

He HAS heard this right?

He should be proud of what you did...I would be. I remember the original, this is an excellent adaptation. 5/5 perfectly remade. Keep it up, I like your original stuff just as much :P

Lil-Saynt responds:

Really flatterin man. XD

Thanks lucid!

God Damn Kid!!

U Done Gone And Did It Right here!

this some grave yard horror type shit

dis shit hot dude!!

Lil-Saynt responds:

Thanks man!

good stuuff

ya know i like this shit now. come on. 5/5 10/10 yup

This is still amazing, Damn!!