Reviews for "Energy Backup"

This is the kind of art...

I could only dream of making. All your artwork is grand. This is wonderous, I can't even begin to tell you how deeply this moves me. Words aren't adequate, thank you for sharing.

Truely mezmorizing...

I have been just going through all your artwork since I found you here on Newgrounds and can't get enough. I just stare at each picture for a couple minutes completely aw-struck at the detail, originality, and awesomeness of each mech. The only thing that makes me mad/sad is I don't think I will ever see anything this amazing in a game.
Keep at it man. We all love your work. I'll just hope and pray for that day where I find a game or movie with some mechs inspired by you.

Nice ! Really love all your robot art, will always be checking your art so don't making it !

The dark lighting contrasts well with the overall piece and really helps the illumination of the beaming lights on the energy drones. The scaling was done nicely, boasting the massive size of the machines compared to the figures. Great work!

now this is a true work of art. not only does the color scheme work out perfectly, the addition of another machine in the background makes this setting seem more like it is a necesity because the people on the ground are not paying much attention to it. the numbers and overall smoothness of the beast makes it seem military in some sort of post-apocalyptic war. fantastic work my friend.