Reviews for "Energy Backup"

reminds me of star wars

you just have tomake a movie and/or game with all these sci-fi pieces of yours

Always Awesome Never Disappointing

I love the way u draw these freaking huge robotz!!!:D

Another awesome one!

I'm a bigt fan of your work now, man! :)

I've been downloading all of these and looping them on my desktop wallpaper. Good stuff - and the folks at my office are getting a kick out of each new one your throw together as well.

Personally, I enjoy the organic-yet-mechanical look and feel of each of these behemoths that seriously brings to mind thoughts of Iron Giant or Shadow of the Colossus. Keep up the excellent work.

Love it Like it Done...

i always find your work amazing. just so you know you're my inspiration. and thank for all your tutorials i have learn and improve a lot from it.

HOLY SH.....

The design is cool and your illustration skills are SUPERB.