Reviews for "Energy Backup"

I am completely awe-struck by your amazing art. Full of color, detail, conrast.... etc is phenominal. You are an amazing artist, and you should NEVER, EVER stop making artwork.
Well done.


now this is a true work of art. not only does the color scheme work out perfectly, the addition of another machine in the background makes this setting seem more like it is a necesity because the people on the ground are not paying much attention to it. the numbers and overall smoothness of the beast makes it seem military in some sort of post-apocalyptic war. fantastic work my friend.

The dark lighting contrasts well with the overall piece and really helps the illumination of the beaming lights on the energy drones. The scaling was done nicely, boasting the massive size of the machines compared to the figures. Great work!

Nice ! Really love all your robot art, will always be checking your art so don't making it !