Reviews for "Passionate Playing-UMSL"

its songs like these..

its songs like these that make my first song i ever made look liek shit lol!
its sooo good,
i love the last part of the song, sounds good,
like your beggining / intro, it starts out really good, and then the drum kicks in, ahh, i dunno what to say except sweetness!
4.33 / 5.00 (+ 0.49)
peace nd greetz

umsldragon responds:

Thnx, I liked what happened to the drums in the begining too. Huzpaz for flanger :P


same with what fuffka said. i really like the effects
4.55/5.00 (+0.22)

umsldragon responds:

thnx man!

The tittle of the song works...

Well yah this is pretty passionate playing if i do say so myself,also this song sounds like it shud be in DDR or Stepmania...Anyhoo good job,this time it's longer which is definetly a good thing (duh) Well i gotta go listen to this wicked beat..! Ta Ta!

Score : 10
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umsldragon responds:

Ooo! I have step mania :P 's fun :D Thnx for reviewing!


For your first sumbission this is pretty good... certain things need to be fixed but, what you have here is good, as you progress in making music I guarantee you will look back at this song and just realize how much better you could make it that day. Its a unique trance song, I think your transitions can be a bit better, and the fat saw synth isa bit annoying....my last complaint is the drums, there good, but they could be alittle more trancey - possibly a stronger kick

No time for along review, but great job none the less 10.10 5/5 , check out my new song Energy if you have a chance? peace

umsldragon responds:

Ya, I have to fix the kick. It was nice and low on my comp at home, but when I played it on head phones there was nothing. Just to let you kow though, the kick has some good beating... you just can't hear it unless you got a good stero setup. I'll work on some of the transitions... I agree on that point... Thnx!

I'm lookin' at Energy now...

pretty good remake

I like how you turned a cool classy tune to a nifty awesome techno trancing remake

Make more and have fun with it

umsldragon responds:

sure thing... but it wasn't a remake... I wrote the melody myself when I was younger... unless some used the same things before I had... thad be coolio :D

Thnks, I will have fun with makin' moah :D