Reviews for "Passionate Playing-UMSL"

Good stuff

This tune has all the stuff that i said you last one lacked - length, variation, changes of instruments.

The 3 minute marker seems to be the key. Stick aroubnd this sort of length and you can come up with a decent tune, provided you fill it with variation. I can quite easliy see this being used for some sort of racing game now, it's got that extra tempo, to keep people with quick minds in the frame of mind for racing.

Mind you, if it's going to go for that sort of game, you'd need to add more bass, that's a must.

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umsldragon responds:

more bass, roger that!


Cool dude not my taste but it still sounds good:D
Same as you said the end was the coolest And I like the Delayed drum's..
the Leads are all al lil bid crappy You need some vst's dude!..
Pm me I'll send them ^^
anyways great song!
And thanx for reviewing my song^^

-DJ Martcore

umsldragon responds:

thnx for the review. Sure, I'll PM for some good stuff :D


It's pretty good, though there are parts where I don't think it sounds too good but most of the way this does sound very good and played very well, so good job with that. I think everything seems to fit together pretty well and the opening was good, though sometime in the middle it seems to sound a little dull as it gets quiter, to me that didn't sound to good.

You did have plenty of veriation in this from what I could hear so that's good and the length for this is also pretty good too, I can't hear any major problems with this other than some dull sounds in parts. So overall, very good work with this.



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umsldragon responds:

Ya, I noticed some dull parts as I relisten to it. I can't think of much to change it, so I'll just letting it sit on the back burner until something else comes. Which shouldn't be too long :P


The melody and the rhythm are very nice and quite unique and I like how you have those little breaks during the song, it adds a bit varity to it.

My major concern with the song is that it's too quiet! It sounds the whole time as if I would listen to this from a very distant place, or as if you forgot to fade in properly. The result is a very flat sound without any bass.
So turn up the volume a little bit!

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umsldragon responds:

gotcha chief!


is absolutely awesome
the rhythm is great

I like how th song is evolving...
and the ending was cool... very strong

I really enjoy it

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umsldragon responds:

thnx man! For your time and everything :D