Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

goood flash

good job but to the genious missbubsey the banner says "Class of '93 Rules!":P

i want more stabby

i like stabby but just one problem

WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE STABBING a name like stabby i would assume some stabbing but none your lucky i see potential or i would have blasted you


Well this movie had some very nice voice acting. Episizzle! Well this had a great story to it and the revenge knife was a great idea. Well this is kind like real life this flash was pretty creative and maybe a series?

Funny ending


i loved the wall of knives, it was funnier then the smoke thing tjhats on the frontpage today,
I thought it was mostly innovative and humorous, but like the guys say it couls use sum actual stabbin. I vote 4


the ending was really funny