Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

Not bad at all

This is the kind of quality that I like to see come to the portal. Very nice indeed.

The only advice that I can possibly give for further improvement is to contract voice actors for the next installment.

That was possibly the only glaring fault in an otherwise awesome movie.


Interesting choice of song for the outro. MAybe you should have used Exit Music instead, only up til the lyrics though as that's basically a love song. ;)

Keep it up!

For the reviewer before me, Velaxis, that song was Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead.

Fo Shizznit

great stuff. i'm in happy mode from it.
Many intestinal vapors award for ya


Man if i hear the name stabby revenge i think on a crazy gay thats stabbing around but it are just some cartoons talking and some stuff

ehh... not bad

Um... we needed some serious murderous vengeance in here, ummm... yeaaaaah. I was the dude people picked on, and I would have stabbed that f*ck fo shizzle... my nizzle. And the chick was bein a biznatch... why not stab her? In fact, the dude's name is STABBY. Why not STAB PEOPLE? But otherwise it was a good setup for future bloodshed. Heh heh... will he use the X-mas knife soon???