Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

A great 'toon indeed!

First off, lemme say - I can't wait to see more of Stabby McGee. This flash movie of Stabby was hilarious - where the obviously wrong is made to be more horrible than a mild insult. A great chuckle!

This has an interesting style reminiscent of the Simpsons when it comes to the graphics. Near as I can tell this makes great use of shading and gradients, and the animation is also sweet.

I don't really have any critiques for you on this, so, I'll just end with, "Awesome movie! Keep rockin'!"


I liked it. Wasn't belly chuckle funny. some good parts. I'd suggest maybe getting more vocal talent.

Great work.

I'd love to see more. Reminds me a lot of http://www.rathergood.com/stabbypool/

YellowJumpsuit responds:

haha.. surprisingly, i'd never seen that before. now i've got that song stuck in my head.

Gut-wrenching comedy!

I enjoy your animation and humor, but the voices need more variety. It sounds like you did most of the voices yourself. That being said, make more episodes!

about the banner

at the end there is a banner abover stabby it said 'ass of 1970'sumthing that was kinda funny. Anyway that was a really good flash keep it up and make them longer please