Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

Nice peice of work

Thought out well drawn and put together. Good stuff. But what is the song at the end of the credits??


Ok, Good job, the humor lost me though. Your animation style is still a bit raw, but in a good way. Sound was amazing. Work on your preloaders.

Hooray for Cake and Radiohead

What newgrounds needs is more flash with Radiohead and Cake. Props for you. The voice acting was strong, except for the narrator who sucked. Sorry. He kind of took away from the piece. Otherwise, I liked Scoop. Like two scoops of raisins right? Yeah. Black stereotypes ARE funny. And offensive. But really funny. I'm not usually one for mindless violence, but I think it might actually make this particular piece funnier. Kill things. Killing is funny. Especially mindless killing. Maybe someone could point out Stabby's shoe is untied. Allow for a three second pause, then stab that someone in the face. Instant comedy. Just like in real life.

pretty good

this movie was pretty good keep up the good work. and next time have stabby stab someone. lol but it was a good movie.

Very nicely done

I definately look forward to another one of these. Not a bad start, keep it up!