Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"


That short film really touched me. I could really relate to that, cept for the cheating part. And what's up with the movie title? Anyway, *tear*

That was so touching......

I loved it. Why did you call it Fist Fuck 2004? But this was really good, this is one of those REALLY great flashes that inspires people, thanks.

So touching.

The storyline combined with the music is great. Plus, the drawing style of the characters and whatnot is very unique. Well done, I want to see more.

very nice

i always watch movies with porn names because of one known fact.....if they have a porn name.....they arent anything like that. they're usually artsy, or poetic, or basically something like this. very nice. best of luck to you. if, of course, that was a true story.


I thought that was a great story, my only question is why the title's name has nothing to do with the flash?