Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"

That was so touching......

I loved it. Why did you call it Fist Fuck 2004? But this was really good, this is one of those REALLY great flashes that inspires people, thanks.

An 8 is a bit too kind

I liked the story, but it lacked everything else, i doubt u said it took a year, i bet u jus said it to get people to go "WOW THAT TOOK A YEAR IT MUST BE GOOD ILL WATCH IT" etc. Well You Got An 8 on the pure story and a bit of drawing

So touching.

The storyline combined with the music is great. Plus, the drawing style of the characters and whatnot is very unique. Well done, I want to see more.


an online love letter? neat.


I thought that was a great story, my only question is why the title's name has nothing to do with the flash?