Reviews for "PUSTOTA"

great flash man.

the guy before me is a pretentious idiot. the guy with the bird face represents sickness because back in Renaissance times doctors would wear masks like that. plus he is continually connected to the 665 card. 665 meaning, to me, near death becuase 666 means hell, satan, death. it may go so far as to mean depression, which could be considered a sickness, and as far as the keys go i dont think this has anything to do with repression. i think it has to do with depression and sadness caused by people around you that hold authority over you. it represents a feeling of despair and a feeling of being trapped. in the beginning another child who is not the main character has a key around his neck. so the main character attempts to find his own key while dealing with depression and sadness which is always trying to get him. and the puppet represents a friend who shows him how to escape and deal with his problems. so basically i think the main theme behind this is that every one holds the key to their own salvation you just have to find what or who that key is. so mr..... wraith2000 i think you got this totally wrong. and i hate when people try to act like they are so much more intelligent than every one else by "revealing the true message" behind a dramatic flash such as this. the only reason im sharing my opinion is because i cant stand people like you and your ignorant posts. and i think the majority of people on NG could read more deeply into this flash than you ever could. so congrats on sounding and being a complete moron.


There were a lot of hidden messages in that, some of which I got, some of which I may have missed.
The masks seem to repress individuality. The characters seem happy before the masks were locked onto their faces, and after they have a forlorn look.
The locks on the masks symbolize repression, and give the characters a miserable look. This could mean many things.
The frequent appearance of cards throughout the music video would represent chance, and luck. The character chooses the 'key' card from the puppet (which means something, but I can't fathom what), seeming to mean the key to unlocking your own free will is in your own hands, but it being chance who is chosen to lead revolution (it IS Russian, so I'm assuming ...) and who isn't?
The crow like character seems to be the embodiment of force, fear and oppression.

Overally, the art style, the music, the hidden meanings, all this creates something more than a flash. This is art. NG isn't good enough for this. Half the idiots on this site probably didn't realise the importance of the masks, nevermind all the other hidden meanings.

I'm sure someone other than me noticed something, and for those who didn't, watch it again, and try to improve upon what I have said.


Simply amazing

One of my all time favorites

I've been watching this many, many times over the last 4-5 years. The mood and setting is beyond amazing, the song is incredibly moody (I've aquired the album already), and the animation and transitions are unequaled in their style. I have no idea why I never reviewed it, but here it is :) If I could give this piece an 11, I would. This is art, not flash. It deserves so much more recognition than it already has, and I hope it is included the day we pick our "classics of Newgronds" for praise. I have nothing but love for this movie. Thank you so much for inspiration over the years, Kol-Belov.



I really enjoyed this flash along with all of your others.

For this flash in particular i believe the main message is that every person has potential to be something, but only some set out to find that potential, and even fewer are granted that blessing.

but i might be wrong. =/