Reviews for "PUSTOTA"

Really good.

Nobody seems to have noticed: The Key that the men have unlocks their own mask, so the whole ordeal he goes through is just like the pretentious initiations that our own government forces us through to get the things we need. Yeah.


What a well-rounded text. The art is beautiful, the song is beautiful, the story is sufficiently paced, and I have a feeling that you mean this to be read between the lines. It reminds me of the endtimes. Hmm... maybe if I ever get off my rear I could write a 1000-word essay and kick all these essays' asses. :P


Thanks for letting everybody know how confrontational and insecure you are. As you appear to agree, there is nothing wrong with writing a damn essay about a deeply textual flash. If you have spent any time with academia, you should have learned by now that well-developed rebuttals don't rely on personal insults. It's a good thing people around here are detached enough not to notice when you're stifling intelligent discussion on Newgrounds.

This is a work of art.

You've done an excellent job. Congratulations.


noone can be sure what this means, maybe it means that even the innocent (represented by the child) are still close to hell and evil (represented by the 665 beside room 666, the view out onto the crazy village, being inside a cage and let down to the monsters) and the devil is always tempting them and waiting for his opportunity (when the boy litters that guy that I see as Satan comes.) I thought this was very good, like all of you're movies, and you're movies are ones I can enjoy without violence :) Very nicely done.

Can't stop myself from watching it.

I agree with Vodkarom, also, i think the mummified "authorities" represent age old depression, realeased from their graves and reaching for the weak and little ones.

but, yeah, Best flash i know so far.