Reviews for "PUSTOTA"


well made grate graficks pirfickt sond you get the measeg acrosst very well. the entire move was smoth this is the best i have sean in a veary long time. hell... this is the best thing i have sean... keep up the Grate work


You do a lot of nice work, some of them sends a chill down my spine, but you can get out the message pretty well to the audience. Good Job.

that was amazing

if there was a higher rating for style then 10, you'd get it. that was one on the most creative and original flashes i have ever seen. I immediatly went to the sight, and checked out the other stuff. you should contribute your other stuff to NewGrounds!


That was awesome, a true work of art. One of my fav flashes to date.


wow kol this movie is amazing, we'd all ready like it if u explained the meaning behind it.

and here's my make of it
what i got was, one is either imprisoned or free (key or no key), the prisoner may escape the jail. But only luck will determine the outcome. However, for everyone that is free, the once-free must be imprisoned (the clown that turned into a convict). Now the ex-convict is free (during the last scene), and one whom was once free, the clown, now is not. And its an endless circle of these events

The bird lady symbolized death, suicide, insanity or lost of soul
The cardholder himself reps the forces that give us choices/options, although we do not know what those choices will lead to. element of luck
The monsters rep society/evil/the world/wars (converts the free into prisoners)
The bug reps government/country/culture. They either grant freedom or take prisoners

665 reps lost of life/journey to hell/corruption

anyways all these are just guesses