Reviews for "PUSTOTA"

Like it

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PS: "Pustota" means "void" in russian.

It sounded like a gory murder investigation.

What does "Pustota" mean anyways? I love that Flash.

What was going on?

+3 for Good animation.
+3 for Good... atmosphere.
+3 for Good song considering what kind of atmosphere you were trying to show.
-1 because I have no clue what was going on.
Total score, 8/10

What was that guy doing on a spiked wagon wheel?
Why does he have blood coming out of his eyes?
Who is that guy with the mosquito/bird-of-pray mask?
Why is that mosquito guy hunting the crying-blood-guy?
Is Mosquito-guy representative of Death?
Is crying-blood-guy guilty of some crime?
Does this all take place in a prison?
What exactly is this world in which the story takes place?
Is this hell, is this insanity, is this the future, is this the nightmare of a madman?
Why are there monsters?
Why aren't there any human civilians in this city?
Is that puppet monster the narrator of this story?
Why was puppet-monster playing terro cards?
Does Puppet-monster represent fate?
If so, then why doesn't mosquito-guy die when the skull card falls at his feet?
And if puppet-monster does not represent fate, why does giving a key card to bleeding-eye-guy make the door-monster give him a real key?
What was the key for?
Was the film meant to loop endlessly?
Is this video a depiction of a dream or a well known fairy tail?

I am so confused.


I kept hopeing it wouldn't end. Perhaps not as good as your other films, but this is a well thought out and perfectly executed film.


This flash, along with all of your flashes, is simply phenomenal. I love the transition techniques you use, the color scheme you have, and how the topic is always something you never get until you watch it a couple of times.