Reviews for "PUSTOTA"

I'm unsure, but....

lets see,
I think it's repeating, that the person on the wheel is the future of the person in the prison, reminding him he CAN escape, but it will be hard.

the creature that appears in the cell through the window is trying to remove a problem and appears to be under orders to kill someone by the number 665.

the strange happenings around the little person seem disturbing and depressing but seem very important, like a nightmare, you can't have good without bad.

everything seems muddled and confusing, but just watch it a few times and decide your own view upon this amazing animation.

oh, and the dangerous creature in the wall is very important, seeming to hold everyone's lives in the balance, I don't think the strange clockwork man is planning anything, if anything, I think he's trying to escape all the trouble below by just keeping to the air, away from everything, I also think he just wants to help, but doesn't quite know how to go about this.

the cards seem to be a game of chance, but you risk your life everytime you play.

its like life

when your a kid you lost you scared then you find the right way

Its hollywood, baby.

Stars are condemned to peforming, and always looking perfect. They just want a key out of it all, and live a normal life.

At least that's what I think.

good animantion very nice hidden meaning

as i said at the top nice meaning, i give it a ten out of ten because it's well done, well thought out and creative, for those of you asking the same questions as obeybunny i have come up with some answers you how ever may want to ask the creater on your own

the man on the spikey wagon wheal i think is just an intoduction, to get you to feel trapped like his charictors, so begin to make an early conection

i don't think it's blood just part of the mask, or it could be that his eyes and lids are swolen from crying or, maybe it's fatuige, he may be very tired and has not slept in a great deal of time

the men in the bird mask (modeled from the mideval doctors) is clearly some kind of warden, either of a prison, but what i noticed was that the man on the wheal had a key and the man in the prison cell did not and for that reason was pursued by the bird mask man, answering the next few questions
. he may also be a metephore for inhumanity, or a person who is inhuman and acts inhuman and takes from others

all though i'm not compleately certain where the story take place it is clear that people must conform to their standards and are held captive very much agenst their will, as far as my opinion goes, it's might as well be a prison, whether it's a metephore to an imprisoned state of mind or simpley being imprisoned is unclear to me

monsters are generally a metephore for people who only do one thing all their lives or are part os some group with a plot to help of hurt some one with a function they can do and only do and can only be done by them, this how ever is not entirely clear

there my be humans, they may just be hidden behind a mask, or perhaps in using nonhuman charictors the creator inhances the intrige, either way

the puppet monster is almost clearly stated, he is the narrator of the story in a way, but it is clear the puppet is a way for the real rebelious group leader to interact with the outside world with out beeing seen by the bird mask men and there for killed, so he hides behind the puppet, the terro cards are a way fro the rebelious gang to comunicate with one another and the card does not kill the bird mask man because the card looks like a kill order card so, he is reminded that he must kill the mask amn, which may mean that the rebelious group leader maybe the two faced leader of the entire place the story happens in

the key is either a representation of freedom or life or, something these people must have at all times to not be killed by the bird mask men, if you notice there were locks on the masks, the key may breack if used on the lock, making it clear who is trying to escape and who is laying low and following orders

lastly, the tale maybe famous or not either way is is an exelent story, told with a bit of uncertainty to the elements of the story, however well animated, well done, good meaning, hidden or not, and desent plot

Whoa, haly shit.

I think someone stole this from newgrounds, unless you uploaded it to another site. I'll PM you about it. Anyway, Its amazing, I loved it ever since I first saw it. Well. Cheers,