Reviews for "PUSTOTA"

i only watched it twice....

But hay.... its 2:18 and i have Work tomorrow!
so a boy looks out to the frightful streets below, and sees another in the streets. he has hes key. but 665... i googled it and wikipedia had nothing. Im not religious by christian means... but 666 is i belive 6 circles 6 Lords and 6 punishments per circle.
I dont know.... i found a gay bondage site too.... its logo was one # from hell.
so maybe- nvm. This is what i have tho. the boy knows his time is at hand.
he must search for his own key. finaly he earns it from the prophet in the sky.
im not sure how to inturpret this at this time.... I'll be back tho....

The Unhappy world

Its creepy, like, some undead gods invaded the dimension/world making all people be miserable and slaves of that world and if they did something wrong they would go to a jugdement (with cards thats a lil crap). But anyway nice movie

I don't like the music.

But the video is interesting. (So, 0 for music, 10 for video = 5)


I liked the similar colours throughout and reaccuuring things, if there were any... cos when I watch things I always see different things if that makes sense. But yeah it was really good and I like the animation (:

im pretty sure this has a message

it just that i dont know what is it