Reviews for "Last Boss (Megaman 6) Acapella"


This is great, i reckon you could probably make money with the great voice that you got.

sonicmega responds:

Perhaps, but that is a future exploit. All my voice acting done for now is free and optional, for the practice. If I can make it into a skill, the money will come later.

I hope.


Everyone here at the barracks, including myself, loves this! This is great! In fact, we've done something very similar with a couple of Metroid songs! We have Maridia, Brinstar, The Intro, Hideout #1, Tourian, Kraid's Fight, Ridley's Fight, Red Soil, and a few others! You should start working on more songs like this!

sonicmega responds:

Well, I have to tell you, the support from this piece is certainly motivating me to try out some others, perhaps even those beyond Megaman. I'll make sure to check out your own submissions sometime, as well. Tell the folks I said hi!


This rocks my socks. It is the best track on NG. It is the awe in awesome.

sonicmega responds:

I wouldn't say the best track, but I'd like to think it's up there with the rest of em :3


i like this song xD

now tell me lyrics o.O

plz :) 10/10 5/5

sonicmega responds:

Line 1) Doot

Line 2) Doot Doot

Line 3) Dooooo

There you go!


Although i never realized how short this song actually was, still it was great