Reviews for "Last Boss (Megaman 6) Acapella"

5/5 10/10

First off, I miss that song! Megaman is kickass. Second, it's rare to hear acapella being pulled off with a video game song. The song is badass and now I'm looking forward to checking out some more of your music!

You should check out some of my music. You might enjoy it haha

sonicmega responds:

If you ask me, the final boss was way too easy, even without using the weakness weapon. I had more trouble with the fights ON THE WAY to Wily.

lol owned dude

lol when i ehard 5 voices on the begin it hought wtf??
and than lol omg this is no remix =P
well 9/10 5/5

sonicmega responds:

Well thank you for your response!

There Should be more Acappella

This was a pretty good job. It made me laugh as all hell at first, but after a while I didn't know if this was a serious attempt or not. It was good not amazing from other Acappella acts I've seen, but this is definitely worth peoples time to listen. Looking at the previous reviews they clearly have no idea what Acappella is and i feel sorry for them.

sonicmega responds:

It's a serious attempt, I promise. I'll make sure to note it if something I submit was not an earnest attempt at creating something new.

not so bad

big fan of your music

sonicmega responds:

Glad to see a returning fan! Thanks for your continued input!

Sorry but...

In this ae of technology, you just can't compare to artificial sounds. You've got some good talent, but honestly, do you expect people to listen to this kind of song non-stop?

sonicmega responds:

Did I say to listen to it non-stop? Honestly, if someone listened to ANY song non-stop, I'd tell them to please look for something else to listen to; they'd practically be showing extreme addiction.

Also, I'm not trying to compare to today's instruments, did you seriously think I thought I was better than them? That's like telling Rocapella that they need to find a new medium of song.