Reviews for "Last Boss (Megaman 6) Acapella"


i got freezings when i heard it...

sonicmega responds:

Freezings? Care to explain? If you mean the song itself froze, that is likely something with your browser or computer, as I haven't heard any other complaints about the quality.


This is great, i reckon you could probably make money with the great voice that you got.

sonicmega responds:

Perhaps, but that is a future exploit. All my voice acting done for now is free and optional, for the practice. If I can make it into a skill, the money will come later.

I hope.


i thought it was gonna b a remix of that song, but this is way beter!! how many ppl r u? 3-4? or is it just u recording urself over and over again?

sonicmega responds:

The latter. Everything you heard here was made with my voice via the combination of about 6-7 different recorded "tracks" :D


This is like...what me and my friends sound like when were singing and high...Then again...we don't sound remotely as good as this!

This would be...the perfect super high person superhero entrence theme song!

In my opinion anyways...

By the way...I'm jealous now that your song sounds better then my lil high singing group...I lknow you can't tell but i'm glaring at you in anger right now...

But seriously though...It's funny and it's in song form...which means...it the bestest...!

sonicmega responds:

Well, I certainly hope that anger subsides soon; I didn't mean to make anyone angry. In fact, I'd rather you laugh at my ridiculous ideas concerning acapella singing!

Seriously though, I'm glad you already see situations in which this could be used, and I must admit, your suggestion sounds quite.... plausible, actually. :3


Not bad...I mean just using your voice its not bad.Don't know if this should have been on the weekly best(just kidding :P).Congrats on that.

sonicmega responds:

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting Weekly Best either, but hey, take what you have and be happy, right? :D

Thanks for your praise!