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Reviews for "Imp, episode 0"

This kicks ass!

This movie is awesome! I like the style for the characters, and the animation was relatively solid! I give it a 5!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Relativly solid?Everything is relative if you look like it that way.Thanks for the review!The character designs change a lot later in episode 11, in a new drawing style to get a hold of the others complaining about bad graphics..Glad you liked it!


just one question mate... how do u get the voicing from the actors if they live across the globe ( please note this is my last review for a while...) also i enjoyed your series keep it up and ehhhm if your looking for another character later on i ve drawn a couple comics witha character i made (mesa jar jar bad artist tho) tho im not sure how the fok im going to get them to you. if u need another character e-mail me at me yahoo name exbooom at yahoo (I would the rest but it wont accept it...)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

i have a yahoo group where people cna upload the voicelines, or via msn helps a lot too, or AIM..same for pictures

wta hell?

were are the subtitles????? i cANT HEAR THE FLASH!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

unfortunate, i wanted to try if i cna make flashmovies without subtitles here.. didn't work out eh? ^^;

Subtitles... ;_;

I need subtitles because I'm deaf ;_; I enjoyed it but...still needs subtitles...for me anyway :P

And so, it begins.

Haha, the pilot episode! ^_^
That was great, Roger!
Maybe... more John? His lines are hilarious! You are a brilliant writer, Roger. Keep it up!