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Reviews for "IMAGINE"

kinda sucks

i cant imagine anything this this thing

ClockOfBlob responds:

You aren't doing it right.


Alien Pickle?

ClockOfBlob responds:

We come in peace... also garlic flavor.


I'm not sayin' this cuz i hate it. It's because you left something so abusive on me saying I should kill myself. Haven't you heard of the word novice cuz that's what i am.
P.S. colour

ClockOfBlob responds:

Well then "novice", don't submit art (in your case, drawings by a toddler with epilepsy) unless it's actually decent. And I know your simplistic mind can't understand things without bright colors, but this is something called a sketch, or a doodle, if you will. I also didn't color because I wanted the "IMAGINE" to stand out.


Something really good could come of this, i mean, you could have it in a flash animation or something, i actually think it is a good picture

ClockOfBlob responds:

I actually would love to have it in a flash, but whenever I try to draw it in there, it just doesn't have the same magic, ya know?