Reviews for "Trouble (clay)"

Niceley done

this was really good to watch, my only problem (not that big) the voice acting, could of been a bit clearer but at least you werent screaming into the mike. Everything else was good, I hope you make more of these

I love claymation.

This was really funny. I haven't seen claymation is forever! Mike is a cutie, too.

Pensi responds:

haha thanks for the review ... hope you're not a guy lol.

That was amazing.

I really like Knox's stuff but this was waaaay better. Hope ya make more. 10/10


I really liked it allot, you seem to have put allot of efffort into this. Ive tried making claymations on my webcam but it was hard and they came out shit. But this kicked ass, I hope to see more from you.

That was soooo good !!!

I laught so hard when they where flying just by farting...
That claymation ROCKED...